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Marketing Technology

Sourcing the right marketing technology for your business can be complex, time consuming and expensive.

By taking an objective approach, we ensure marketing, sales, and technical requirements are balanced, and short term needs as well as long term aspirations are included.

By working as an integral part of your marketing and IT team, you can focus on the day to day running of your business. To make sure that you select the business solution for your business at the best price, we cover:

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  • Requirements analysis; from process mapping and workshops to stakeholder interviews
  • Marketing review; board level presentation on the pros and cons of potential CRM and marketing automation platforms
  • RFP management; drafting and publishing RFP questionnaires and collating responses
  • Vendor presentations; scoring frameworks and structuring of presentations to ensure vendors address your key use cases
  • Vendor shortlisting & selection; ensuring vendors are fully compliant with your financial, legal and security requirements
  • Contract negotiation support; ensuring your supplier agreements meet your ongoing needs
  • Change management & adoption; soucing the right implementation and training resources for quick adoption and rapid ROI
  • Business process change; process reengineering, reporting setup and KPI tracking to embed change in your marketing operations
  • Program planning; new program design and roll out of automated campaigns to build lifelong loyalty

With over 20 years experience working vendor side we'll help you get the best deal for your business and the best fit for your marketing and customer objectives.

For more information or to book an initial consultation, email mailto:hello@we.digital