Rethinking CRM Post Covid

Rethinking Customer Retention Webinar

As part of the Festival Of Enterprise ‘Bounce Back’ webinar series, Jane Dixon shares her 10 point plan for restructuring customer engagement post Covid.

Presentation highlights include:

  • RFM is Dead – new approaches for data driven marketing
  • Long Live Engagement – engaging customers in lock-down
  • Listen In – deepening your customer knowledge
  • Influencer Marketing – on a small budget
  • Visual Marketing – using social proof across the customer lifecycle
  • New Customer Service Channels – Messenger apps to make queues engaging
  • Contactless Commerce – re-engineering the in-store experience & new uses for QR codes
  • Augmented Customer Experience – practical applications for AR & VR
  • Voice Services – incorporating them into your marketing strategy
  • Traditional Loyalty Schemes – do they still have a role?

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